Best Foot Forward- a runaway success

Wolverhampton really did put their best feet forward on Saturday July 7th. We thought that there could be an issue in reaching the target number of laps in order to release the Charity Pot kindly donated by the event Patrons.
One of the hottest days of the year and a huge football match- both of which could possibly disrupt our aims.
The day started off with a bang – hundreds of people hitting the track- walking and running- but they came in numbers. Our hourly lap records of previous year being continually broken.
Then the hourly count dropped, as we approached kick off- from well over 2,000 through 1,100, 750, 500 down to 250.
There  was  no doubt by 4pm that we would fall short, by 500 to 600 laps, of our target of 12,625 laps needed to release the entire Charity Pot.
Then people started to drift back after the England match.
The count went back up to 400 ……., then 500………………..
With minutes to go it was announced that,  with  a push we might yet  hit the target  – chips were put back on creaking ankles, strides lengthened, pace quickened.
At 7.56, with four minutes to go,  we hit the target – ending up with 12,666 laps.
Oh so close……..but job done!
Everyone who came to Aldersley yesterday and completed anything between one lap, or the highest number completed -190 laps (Brian Slater) should be proud of themselves for the effort it took to make this all work. For most of the day in the sun, as almost all of the track is, it was up to 40c. We certainly handed out a lot of water!
The website gallery and full results will be updated shortly – please take a look in a few days.
So on behalf of The Rotary Club of Wolverhampton, the Patrons of the event and the charities that the event was raising monies for- THANK YOU and WELL DONE.