The Wolves Toilet- Taking Shape…

Medic Malawi provides support for medical care at St Andrews, in Mthunthama, a rural area just outside the town of Kasungu in central Malawi and through the AMAO orphanage, cares for vulnerable and orphaned children.

During our last Rotary year, our Club supported their latest project- the building of vital toilet facilities by sending £2,235. Their current ‘toilets’ were wholly inadequate and the risk to health was becoming a real problem.

As we were so key in establishing the chicken business, Medic Malawi chose to name it The Wolves Chicken House. How lovely.

I received an update from Stephen Drew of Medic Malawi:

Standing near the Wolves Chicken House in Malawi will soon be ……….the Wolves Toilets. Members may recall your generous sponsorship of a poultry project at the Medic Malawi orphanage, whic

h now produces 6300 eggs per month, feeding the children and generating 10% of running costs. As Mr Josiah Sonjo, the local Committee Chairman reported:

This poultry project has come with a good number of benefits to the orphanage, workers, as well as the general community at large. To the orphans; they benefit eggs for balanced diet; they took four meals with eggs per week and daily in the porridge ingredients among others. In addition to that the orphans are learning how to look after chickens. We also collect manure in these two houses which we use in the garden. On part of workers, the little they earn per month, they are able to run their families. To the general community; they do buy eggs which are readily available at our orphanage through Wolves poultry. 

And now we are digging the Wolves Toilets. There are 85 children in the orphanage, plus carers and visitors, and this is a much needed update on their facilities: the original orphanage was built for 50 children. The orphanage ‘AMAO’, meaning The Mother House is a vital resource in the District, supplementing the totally-overstretched expectation of care within families. The local clergyman, Father Petro, wrote “AMAO is a shining star to the whole of Kasungu: the only orphanage doing well in the entire District” (an area of half a million plus people). And it   will soon have proper toilets! So thank you for your Club’s donation, every penny of which will reach the orphanage, because Medic Malawi has no UK costs or expenses.

Thank you.

Stephen Drew