The Rotary Shelterbus Launch

‘Rotary Shelterbus is going live in Wolverhampton!

Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of Angelo and

Gordon Essex, Angelo Buratti, Richard Green,President Mandy Poonia (RC Wednesfield.) and Luca Buratti.

Luca Buratti, supported by other members of the Birmingham Breakfast Rotary Club, the Rotary Shelterbus arrives in Wolverhampton on Friday, 29th. November.

It will provide 10 private, secure overnight sleeping pods, including for those with accessibility

Gordon Essex, President Margaret Clewly (RC Wolverhampton St.Georges, President Mandy Poonia (RC.Wednesfield),Ted Clewly, Richard Green

requirements. There is a light cooking space, washing and toilet facilities, provision for pets, and a medical/private consultation space.

The bus, once handed over in the name of Rotary in Wolverhampton, will be fully owned and operate

The Rotary Shelterbus.

d by the Good Shepherd/Enterprise Homes charities group for the homeless, whose volunteers will assist rough sleepers to regain their privacy and dignity, and be given assistance to find work.

Rotary at work in the community!